While Claudia-Marie's husband is out of town on business, she decides to audition
new male talent so that when her husband returns they will have some new updates
ready to shoot. But after spending all day interviewing guys, CM is convinced that
she has wasted her time. Just as she is about to call it a day, in walks Don.

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Dressed in a thousand dollar suit, Don convinces the big titty southern milf to give
him a REAL audition. Unfortunately, Claudia-Marie had hired a temporary
cameraman while her husband is out of town. And this assclown put the camera
on a stand and jumped in behind CM's big round ass when she wasn't expecting it
and helped himself to some of the best pussy he's ever had! Then he blew a big
load all over the big titty whores huge ass. Realizing that she had just been
used, CM calls a halt to Don's audition and tries to figure out how she is
going to explain THIS to her husband!

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Big titty southern milf Claudia-Marie

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